problems importing PDA filess


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Jun 5, 2002
I read another post from someone having difficulties importing a .CSV file from daily aviation logbook. I am having the same difficulties. I am also having a problem with the time duration. The time field evidently requires hours.tenths. However, the daily aviation logbook has time as hours:minutes. Can this be fixed?
E-mail your CSV file to if you're having problems with the import. Typically the import problems are data formatting not consistent with the required target field. As you mention, hours.tenths are required. The Import Wizard is just a temporary bridge designed to help those of you using PDA applications. Soon the Logbook Pro Companions will be out and expected to be used vice 3rd party applications.

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NC Software, Inc.
The Airline Pilots Daily Aviation Logbook has a custom report option for the time output. It can be in hh:mm or hh.m or hh+mm. Start the Desktop Wizard and select Custom Report. Select the desired for the block time.
Thanks for responding to my post. I will try that. I also contacted Paul Aumen (the creator of Daily Aviation Logbook) and they are working on a new version that will be much more user friendly with this program. He is truly a worker for the pilots! I hope the people at NC Software take notice. Once again, thanks for the reply and I will check it out.
The Import Wizard now will recognize HH:mm formats and automatically convert them for you. This is a new feature in version 1.7 available for immediate download from the link below:

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.
How is LBP (version 1.7.50) going to handle importing a CSV file containing approaches as text entries such as ILS, VOR, BC? Don't they have to be numeric values?

I've attached a sample CSV file generated by Airline Pilot Daily Logbook specifically formated for LogbookPro.
The approaches do need 'counters' i.e. Integer values to import, not the textual names. If you bring this up to Paul Auman, he can probably write a routine to do this, if it's not already there as many already transfer data from their PDA to Logbook Pro using his program.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.