Problems transferring data


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May 14, 2006

I've been using LBP for many years, but I've recently become aware of a problem with flights not transferring across from my mobile PC (Dopod windows mobile 5). I have read other threads about this issue and have tried all your suggestion (ie saving and exiting ADPL etc) but the problem still remains. Over the years, I haven't really been checking the accuracy of the data syncs, but have now discovered that only about 70% of flights from any one month has been transferring. I did have some success forcing the the software to sync from certain dates, but only to find that it then removes other flights that had been previously transferred (?)

Anyway, any ideas?

The problem is not with APDL but in how a Pocket PC operates. Pocket PC's try to conserve memory by "minimizing" programs and keeping them running in the background. The safest way to ensure Windows Mobile closes your application is to tap Options...Exit when you're ready to sync to Logbook Pro. It is also imperative to make sure you are using APDL-PPC 6.0.5 and also Logbook Pro 1.10.26 - the latest available versions.

FYI: You can always resync APDL flights into Logbook Pro as APDL flights are removed prior to being added again. If you modified the data on the Logbook Pro side, then you will lose those modifications, but if you are doing a sync from APDL and nothing else, you can resync without a problem. As always BACKUP first!
I am using the latest versions and I have been using Option....exit, as well as 'S' function on the ADPL (as I mentioned in my post), but the problem still remains. I cannot get data to transfer, it just seems to select a random number of entries to transfer and forgets about the rest.
Most likely it's something within your flights as Logbook Pro is only going to log flights flown, etc. It could be a configuration issue such as Position categories not setup properly, etc. Copy all files from your device's /My Documents/APDL folder to your PC using Windows Explorer. Zip all of the files into one zip file and send the zip file to us in a help desk ticket. Tell us what data (specific log page, etc.) in APDL is not syncing to Logbook Pro so we can narrow down what is on the APDL side not transferring to the Logbook Pro side.