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Jun 6, 2005
For the last week, I have been unable to use logbook pro. As soon as I launch the program, it goes into the dialog where it wants to update the software. It tells you to synchronize any clones you have, and then to unplug any pocket PC. As soon as you click to continue, the program just closes. Nothing more happens. This happens every time I try to get into logbook pro, so its unusable. I am running as well as apdl. I have never had this problem before. I saw that some people had had issues with other installs, and that repairing the installation might help. I tried this, but it did not help. Please help me asap.

Try uninstalling Logbook Pro. Reboot your computer. Go into Windows Explorer and rename C:\Program Files\Logbook Pro to C:\Program Files\Logbook Pro OLD. Reinstall Logbook Pro See if the problem persists. If so,please submit a support request and include your .LBK file in the attachment (preferably zip compressed).

I am starting to get extremely annoyed at this problem. I have done everything you have asked, and nothing has worked. When I try to submit a support request, I get a 'runtime error' message from my browser: 'Server Error in '/' Application' I have now tried this three times. What do I need to do to talk to a person?
I just submitted a support ticket, no problems noted.

You can e-mail the zipped .LBK file direct to and we'll take a look at it and provide you a few additional steps. If you have any recent backups (.BAK files), please include your most recent backup along with your zipped .LBK file.

I am having the same exact problem and I even backed up before installing the new update.

I will email the files to support. What chance is their that I have lost my whole freaking logbook data. Can I use backupdata from a previous software version?

The issue where Logbook Pro doesn't start after updating to is a minor one with Windows. Microsoft put out a patch via Windows Update for the MSI 3.1 Installer which I recommend everyone get from Windows Update, for that matter, I suggest all Windows Updates.

After updating to and Logbook Pro doesn't launch, a REPAIR (which is just a reinstall of itself) usually corrects the issue. It is important for anyone using any data storage application on a computer to be diligent about backups. Whether after every use, weekly, or monthly, it is recommended to backup frequently. A lightning strike, power surge, power outage, virus, you name it, can cause problems with your computer, and although extremely rare, cause data corruption in programs that store data, such as Logbook Pro. Logbook Pro has a backup utility (Options...Backup) to help you in many ways: 1) Schedule frequency of backups, 2) Allow backups to be tagged with the Date of the backup so you can keep a nice archive.

I can only help you with detailed information. Typically cases such as this posting here does not help you or others, we need your data to see what's going on. If after checking the Logbook Pro FAQ forum such as for installation/update related issues, send your Logbook Pro data file (.LBK) zip compressed (suggest Winzip from, your recent backup file (.BAK) and if you find a .OLD file in the C:\Program Files\Logbook Pro folder, send that as well. Any time Logbook Pro does an update, it also does it's own archive, which is stored to a .OLD file as yet another layer of protection from anything that may go wrong, which again is extremely rare.

Our number one goal is NO DATA LOSS, EVER!

Hopefully this post will help you get streamlined support / rapid answers, as well as provide methods to ensure Logbook Pro users are diligent about backing up their data. Lastly, keep a backup on a floppy (most backups will fit on a floppy) at your relatives house, safe-deposit box, etc. We heard of laptops being stolen, houses burning down, you name it, prepare for the worst!

I understand everything you wrote, but that is not what the program is doing. It will start up and as soon as you agree to let the program update (it really doesn't give you any choice, as you can't use it until you do it), it just closes the program. I tried to repair the install twice, and I also uninstalled the whole program, as suggested by you, and upon reinstall, the same issue is occurring. I have sent all of my info in and have not heard back.