Program reverts back to evaluation mode


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Jun 25, 2004

I continue to have the problem with the program reverting back to the evaluation mode. I'm not sure if it is a function of rebooting or time (maybe a day thing). The last time I re-downloaded the program, backed up my data, removed all refrences to Logbook Pro from the regedit deleted the folders in explorer and did a new install. After all that, the program worked correct (that was yesterday), I then rebooted again and it still worked correct. Today when I started the computer and opened Logbook Pro it had reverted back to a evaluation mode.

As the program started it had the correct name and company name. Also when I look at the about page it shows the correct regestration #. I have removed the program and reinstalled four times now. HELP!

Thanks Dan


I replied to your e-mail, please ensure (and is not getting blocked by spam blockers/parental controls.

If you go to and enter your ticket, you should see my response. However, what I replied was:

Ensure you have administrative rights on your system or if locked down, ability to read/write to your system registry. Something on your system is clearing the registry entries on reboot which is causing the saving of your registration information. I am willing to bet that if you customize Logbook Pro, they are also being reset as many of the customizations are saved to the registry. Please investigate your Operating System and why rebooting is resetting your registry each time. This is not a Logbook Pro issue as it does not remove entries from the registry such as registration data.