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Purge PDA Entires


Jan 21, 2006
Near Wichita, KS
I finally got the PDA entries to work and synch with the Desktop.

One question is when I first start this process I see a box at the tip of the transfer wind for PURGE and a caution to purge data.

ON the lower left side of this window is the number of transactions to transfer.

If is not intuitive that I purge first and then transfer.

I did not purge and when I come back to synch the the Purge button is grayed out but the entires are still in the PDA.

What is the correct procedure?


You do NOT want to purge on the PDA Wizard side unless you want to remove all of the entries in the queue awaiting final approval to merge into your Logbook Pro data file. Although the data "should" resync until you purge the Logbook Pro Palm Companion side, this is what the feature is for, clearing the merge queue.