Resolved RAP SCR not syncing to calander


Apr 4, 2016
I added my next period schedule to APDL (all RAP SCR) and nothing is syncing to my calendar for any of those days.

FYI: Under Settings->Payroll->Short-call reserve I do have the Sync to Calendar toggle switch activated.

Thanks in advance for the help.
In Settings > Calendar reselect your desired calendar. Then resync your future events and see if it appears. There is also a latency (delay) with iOS calendar so depending on how much data you're throwing at it give it a few minutes to show. It's been known to be slow.
That didn't work.

Note: I added all the RAPs manually via the Schedule tab. Clicked on each day, added Short-call Reserve RAP, and then input the appropriate times.

For what it is worth: I also tried a hard close (double click the home button) on both the calendar app and APDL. Also, attempted to turn calendar sync on and off, reselecting the appropriate calendar, and syncing all future events.