Registration INFO


New member
Jun 2, 2005
I had to reformat my palm recently. The old APDL website used to have my registration information on it when I logged on. I need to find out whatmy registration info/password is.

How can I get this information?

No problem! The former Auman Software APDL portal required a username and password to access your account information. We no longer require that as our upgrade policies are different. APDL users of v6 will receive ALL free updates to 6.x revisions. There is no "timed" contract for our upgrade as can be reviewed in our policies section. The APDL portal is always open for downloads and the free supporting software such as SingleSync and the Schedule Importer.


I have also had to reload APDL recently. My old pass code (Aumen) no longer works, and I have not received the promised email update. I have my old key.

Any idea why I didn't get the email? My account is less than a year old.



Please check any spam/junk mail folders that may have grabbed our holy e-mail! :) The e-mail was sent to the e-mail address on file, confirm you have checked that mailbox? We'd be happy to help, knowing your e-mail address or full name will help us assist you much faster. Feel free to e-mail us at and you'll be assisted immediately.

Please bear with us during the transition. Our priority is getting everyone migrated to version 6 with their complimentary key codes, then working out any issues with APDL that needs attention. We've worked hard the past several weeks with Auman Software hammering the installers and products hard ensuring you get the best possible product we can deliver.