Report printing


Aug 24, 2003
Are there any logbook reports that print out on letter size paper, where the full width of the report prints across one sheet as opposed to two? This way I can just 3 hole punch the report & throw it into a standard 3 ring binder. I have a MGOEnt binder & use it but its a hassle to print with it, so I only update it as I complete enough flights to complete a new page on the report. I'd like to keep a copy of the logbook current using standard paper & a 3 ring binder.

Hello Billy,

There is a system in several reports such as the Reports...Jeppesen Style...Jeppesen Style Reports (non split-series). After the date dialog appears you'll see another dialog where you can choose to add a cover page or not. Select "No cover page" then a bottom section will appear. You can choose single page layout. Some people take this and export it to PDF, then use Adobe Acrobat Reader to print it out with more advanced printing options.