reproduceable crashes


Jun 17, 2003
I just downloaded the evaluation version of Logbook Pro and so far I'm very pleased with what the program offers. I'm looking forward to purchase a key but I suffering from crashes when one of the following sub-windows is open: Certificates, Ratings, History or Logbook and when I then try to close one of the configuration windows like the Options window, configure display, configure summary bar, customize logbook settings or the about logbook pro window.

The crash doesn't happen when the active sub-window is the Explorer, even with any of the problematic windows opened in the background.

The program just does exit, no error messages whatsoever are displayed.

I use WinXP SP1 and Logbook Pro 1.9.4
I just noticed now that the program even crashes when I double-click on Out, Takeoff, Land or In in the logbook, edit the times and either click on 'enter logbook' or 'cancel'.

This makes the program unuseable for me since I cannot enter any block or flight-times
I uninstalled, rebooted, reinstalled Logbook Pro, but the same crashes are happening again.

The program works fine on my Notebook but I need to use it also on my desktop PC
This is an indication there is something else wrong on the PC side. As you have noted, the program works fine on your notebook, the identifier that Logbook Pro is not the source of the crashes. I'd recommend reinstalling Windows on your other computer to resolve this issue. Again, we have no other reports of unstable behavior of Logbook Pro.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.