Required rest


Sep 27, 2005
When calculating required rest, if the 24 hour lookback cuts into a portion of a flights scheduled time, is that portion of time included as part of the total scheduled time in that 24 hours, or does the whole flight get counted as scheduled flight time in that 24 hour period, OR, does none of that flight time get counted in the 24 hour lookback?

In other words, looking back from 22:00 on 9/3 to 22:00 on 9/2, the lookback cuts into a 3 hour flight that began at 21:00 on 9/2. Does the required rest page consider the 2 hours of that flight that falls in the 24 hour lookback to be part of the scheduled block in that lookback?

Required Rest's 24 lookback is tested from then end of each scheduled leg. If the beginning of the twenty four window falls within a leg. The scheduled time is computed from the beginning of the window to the scheduled block in time.

Currently the PPC version has an error when the previous duty period ends after 2359 (Logbook Timezone). Required Rest includes the entire scheduled time, which overstates the total scheduled block time. The case (881) will be resolved in our October update of the PPC version.

Fly Safe!

Paul Auman
APDL Development Team
NC Software, Inc.