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Retroactive autofill?


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APDL Beta Team
Sep 16, 2013
I've been flying for the airlines for several years now. All of these flight hours are considered cross country, but I have not actually been logging them in the cross country column. If anyone asks how much cross country time I have, I simply add up the time I actually have logged as cross country, then add in the time I have in the various aircraft I've been flying for the airlines to arrive at a total cross country time.

However, I recently went to an airline interview, and was informed that I SHOULD be logging all this time under the cross country column. Okay, fine. So I enabled autofill, and that will take care of this problem going forward.

However, now I'm looking back at 4.5 years of unlogged cross country time, and don't relish the idea of entering those times in entry by entry. Is there an easy way to copy the duration from specific aircraft types into the cross country column?

If you're nice we can do it for you :) We can actually do it programmatically. Open a support ticket and include your Logbook Pro Backup. Give us criteria for which we will copy the Duration to the XC column, i.e. by specific aircraft types or simply a date range. We'll send you a backup back, it won't take long as we can run a command against your data to copy the data between columns.
You can double click the cross country column (if you have that setting enabled) and it will autofill the duration. You can bust through your thousands of flights in about 20 minutes.