Rounding Issues


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Sep 18, 2007
My logbook pro has a problem rounding minutes up to the correct decimal. Many times are rounded down when they should have been rounded up, but it does not seem to do this consistently. Is there a place within logbook pro that I can specify how to round? The times in my Treo are all rounded correctly. I'm a bit confused. Thanks for the help...

Ben Scharf
I have the Logbook Pro Professional Edition, and am using APDL on my Treo 700P. Most issues seem to occur when I have a leg length of something like 1:29. This time rounds in my Treo correctly (to 1.5 hrs) but when uploaded to my PC it rounds to 1.4. There was also an issue where a leg length of 3:12 rounded to 3.1. No idea why this is happening. I checked the rounding rules in my Treo and they are as I would have expected (0-2mins=.0, 3-8mins=.1 etc). Any thoughts?

See the attachments. Logbook Pro and APDL use slightly different time conversion rules. Please adjust APDL to match Logbook Pro's rles as closely as possible.


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Is it possible to change the time conversion rules in logbook pro like you can in APDL? The ones I use in APDL aren't exactly the same as the ones in logbook pro, and I would like to adjust logbook pro.