Route Browser


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Sep 27, 2002
Looks like fun addition to the LogbookPro.

Is this NC Software or a third party you are connected with? When I downloaded a trial version it appeared to go to a different website.

Also, a suggestion, when I was entering data for an airport in Canada, I had to trial-an-error the proper syntax for lat-long. A go-by on first screen would help. As of now I got error and a sample syntax and had to go back and forth several times. Once I figured it out it worked fine.

Route Browser is a separate add-on product sold by a 3rd party at the FlightCentral web site ( The program displays routes based on lat/long's from the airports database. As you've figured out, the database can be added to, but the lat/long entries must be in the correct format.

The format of the latitude and longitude fields is hh-mm-ss.sssX where hh is hours, mm is minutes ss is seconds (with decimal) and X is direction (either N, S, E or W).

For U.S. airports, another way of entering lat/longs is simply to copy them from a nearby airport.