Schedule Import DIRECTLY into Logbook Pro


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Sep 28, 2007
For those of us that do not want to use APDL as the 'middle device' to import/export our trips into Logbook Pro, it would be nice to be able to
cut and paste our flight schedules, after we fly them, directly into LP, using a version of the schedule importer.

(cut and paste our single pairing OR monthly pairingS into a templete/importer, that inturn can be sent directly to Logbook Pro)
(( I believe FFDO's (Flight Deck Officiers) can do this / upload their schedules into 'templetes' set up to pull out the flight times flown, etc))

This is certainly doable and something we've discussed with the new schedule importer. I was actually going to write the code yesterday but after review there are a few concerns:

1) The trip information is "scheduled" and not flown at the time of schedule importer's use. I realize that this is a known and would still make things easier as you just update your flight in Logbook Pro, but we frown upon entering "future" flights in Logbook Pro as it may lend to inaccurate record keeping

2) The trip data does not include an A/C Type or Ident as you don't know the "equipment" at this time. We could offer a provision for a default Type/Ident which could also be later changed, i.e. your normal type flown and "SCHEDULED" for Ident so you remember to come back and update this line entry.

So this is something that may very well occur soon but you'd have to import the data using Logbook Pro's import wizard. We designed the new Schedule Importer (SI) system so Logbook Pro v2 could tap directly into it as well so you don't require APDL to go from SI to Logbook Pro.

Bottom line "we hear you" and we know the need and want to implement it. We just have to think it through and do it right.
Thanks for the quick reply/post!

With regards to 'scheduled' flight(s), we would actually import the flights AFTER we flew them. This way the flight times would be the 'true' flight times, etc. And, again, it would be nice to be able to import a full month at at time, if one would like to do it monthly rather than weekly, etc. (again, AFTER, the trip(s) have been flown, as crewtrac/flica updates the times with the true flight times.

As far as the aircraft type, it usually is the same, unless you change equipment; so a default type would be fine, and could be changed manually.
The tail number, yes, would have to updated manually, which is fine. If that was the only manually entry every day/trip/pairing, that would be fine.

Does this help? Questions/Concerns?
Timeframe for a specific version/templete setup for this?

Thanks for the info. I don't have a time frame but it's not hard to do, I'll see if I can get something setup soon. I'll reply here when I have something for you to test. I don't know that we'll be able to meet your "monthly" request but I have an idea, we'll see what can be done.
CrewTrac DIRECTLY into Logbook Pro.... cont...

I inquired late last year about adding a feature to Import flight info. directly from my airlines CrewTrac screen, after I fly my trips, and import that info. directly into logbook pro. (thus no longer needing to use a pda as a "middleman" device.
And if data is imported AFTER the flights have been flown, the hours are correct. No worries about day, night, ifr, etc. And I can manually add the aircraft number if needed.

There was a reply from you guys stating an 'EXPORT' option was added, but from what I can tell, this has nothing to do with IMPORTING flight info. from CrewTrac (or Flica) into Logbook Pro.
Hello jimdpilot,

This is available in the new schedule importer. Please visit the schedule importer web site and review the documentation on the lower left as well as the available video tutorial. You can import your trip and then follow the sequence to export a file that you can then import into Logbook Pro using the Import Wizard.
Ok, I see now. (the importer confused me intially, as it's call APDL Importer, which made me think that importer was only used with APDL).

I see that after we cut and past, and so forth, there's an option to have it save the data for direct import into Logbook Pro.

I will attempt to do this over the wknd.

(and I just found out that my company no longer has last years data loaded in the CrewTrac system! I waited too long I guess.
I'll call the company next week, to see if they can load my previous year(s) data back in CrewTrac, for easy importing!)