Schedule importer


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Aug 31, 2009
2 questions.... I imported my trips on the web, expecting to be able to go into APDL and import them, but they would never show up. Does it not work this way?

I did the manual import for my January trips. Is there an option to be able to import the trips all in a single time zone? I only see local or UTC, but my trips are all in the Central time zone.
Hi Dennis,

I'm sorry for the confusion - the schedule importer you need to be using is at and not until we complete the migration. APDL uses a more advanced system with our new schedule importer. There is a note at the top of's schedule importer to jump over to You can also use a custom time zone in the web based importer.
1. Did you use the new to import your schedule? (You can also import directly within the APDL app if you do not have access to a laptop or desktop.)
2. On you have the option to use Local, UTC or Custom
No, I didn't realize that there was a different web site to go to for import. I imported it locally, but only had the option for local or UTC times there.

Right after I posted the original question, I realized that I could copy my trips in local time, and used the local importer. Thanks.

My airline uses a system called MERLOT for our scheduling software. Is there any way to upload my schedule via the schedule importer or am I going to have to do it trip by trip each day? I can possibly help in some way develop a way to upload if it isn't an option as of right now.