setting up clone


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May 6, 2004
LBP 1.9.5 me
While trying to import a clone is synch wizard Logbook pro locks up, says not responding. Original logbook is on 98se I made a clone, exported clone. Installed 1.9.5 on second computer(me) went to open logbook, selected clone and LBP goes to run updates then shuts off. Tried importing clone through synch wizard, get to import now, select it and program freezes.
I'm not exactly sure how you exported the clone, if you created a .lbx file, it has to be 'imported' first on the master computer then used.

I suggest the following. On the computer with the clone, create a backup file. Copy the .BAK file to your master computer and restore it. Now you have your master LBK file and your _clone.LBK file on the same computer. You can now run the Sync Wizard selecting the two files to sync. It is recommended to always backup your data prior to any file operation such as this.