Shortest distance between two points on the spheroid


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Jun 29, 2005
It appears that the chart used to display airports and flight path is a Mercator projection.

When entering a flight that crosses the anti-meridien i.e a flight from Los Angeles (LAX) to Seoul (INC) Flight Central (FC) draws a great circle route between the two points (good) but displays the longest arc of great circle between the two points. Could an upgraded version of the software display the shortest arc and calculate the distance accordingly?

A great feature also would be to allow the user to select a lat/long or better a lat/long tied to and airport ID (both in ICAO and IATA format i.e. KLAX / LAX ) that would serve as tangency point to the projection. That way one might chose to center the view over the Pacific and later switch to say an Atlantic view. How about multiple projections such as a couple Polar Stereographic options to view polar flights and for shorter distances maybe some Lambert projections with an option for the user to chosethe parallel of origin?

Thank you for your consideration!