Need Info How do I set up two duty periods on the same date.


Aug 15, 2005
I have a trip where I have two duty periods on the same calendar date. I can't figure out how to add a duty period on the same calendar day with legal rest between the two.
This isn't possible in the current version.

If this is a split duty period issue, see the documentation on split duty here

If it's not split duty, you would have to use the same technique as entering a split duty trip. Create the duty period on the next/previous available day and move the OOOI times to the appropriate date as necessary.

APDL doesn't allow you to create a separate duty period on the same date but rest and FDP are all calculated based on the duty and OOOI times so the calculations should still be correct.
When I add the flight later in the day, it shows the duty period for both flights and shows that it is illegal. i.e. flight xxx Mar 1 0205-0330 Rest on Mar 1 0400-1530 Flight xxx 1630-2030 Calculates duty period from 0205-2100.
Ok you need to create two different trips. The last flight of the first trip will be mar 1 0205-0330. The first flight of the next trip will be mar 1 1630-2030.

Create the first trip and end the duty period after the 0205-0330 flight. Now, create a new duty period by going back to the schedule or calendar view and select "create new duty period" on MAR 2. When you enter the duty on and off, and OOOI times, cycle the date backwards to MAR 1 and it should work correctly.

If you have other flights on Mar 2, it may work better for you to do this process on the first duty period rather than the second. In other words, create the first duty period on Feb 28 and cycle the date of the duty and OOOI times forward to Mar 1.

We will have to look into an easier way to accomplish this for the future.