Should I discontinue old paper logs?


Mar 31, 2006
This is not really a question that involves support. I have a question for you experienced guys that have taken the logbook pro printouts to interviews. I fly for a regional and have about 2000 hours. I am currently transferring all of my times to logbook pro. I am also planning on purchasing Airline pilots daily log and will sync it with my PC weekly. Should I continue to update my old paper logs? I would like the input of some professionals that have been to interviews with a Logbook pro printout. What did the people say about the electronically produced log? If you do not mind disclosing I am interested in knowing the particular company that you were interviewing with. Thanks
I would not sweat it. I've been using LBPro from it's inception and have never had an issue. Especially these days, with the "paperless cockpit" concept spreading. I would just make sure I have all of my endorsements, sign offs, 135 and 121 line checks documented together somewhere.

The ability to manipulate data and produce meaningful reports, as well as the clean presentation the software provides, should actually count in your favor in today's electronic world.
I hope other Logbook Pro users chime in with their experiences, here are a few comments.
  1. Some post interview info can be read in the testimonials section.
  2. You are really asking about "handwritten" vs. "computer generated" as Logbook Pro can produce your paper logs. There is quite frankly no difference as you still sign your logbook pages that Logbook Pro prints, you can use one of our Cirrus Elite binders to keep your handwritten (ink) signatures of endorsements in the back, and essentially use the logbook of today.
  3. I have never heard of anyone say their Logbook Pro logbook was rejected at an interview, 100% of the time it has been complimented and worked in the interviewees favor as it demonstrates attention to detail, accuracy of flight records, and Logbook Pro is a trusted solution. People once asked if they could change the branding on the lower left of the printouts where it shows the report was generated by Logbook Pro. The reason it is there is a credibility statement, a seal of approval, so the one reviewing your printout knows where the data came from and therefore does not question the accuracy, they are familiar with the program. Many of those interviewers are Logbook Pro users themselves, and interestingly enough, they learned of the program from interviewees that came in with a Logbook Pro produced solution and loved it.
  4. With Logbook Pro you don't have to worry about losing a logbook, now there's no reason you can't keep both, but I think as time goes on the era of the hard bound paper logbook will go away as we know it today. I also believe the future holds pilots carrying a USB thumb drive of their logbook just like people with serious medical conditions wear. The USB thumb drive will contain all of your flight records, and for aircraft owners, aircraft logs.
I hope this sheds some light as a pilot myself and my passion as to where I want to go with Logbook Pro. But I invite and hope other Logbook Pro users lurking the forums can also chime in.
I've used LBP for a long time. I used to keep a paper log concurrently with LBP, until I got hired at an airline 3 years ago. That's when I went paperless. I took LBP to an Air Wiskey Interview once about 2.5 years ago. I had printed it on double sides and went to Kinkos to get it bound on the end. Brought My old logbooks with all my old sign-offs and stuff in it too. Was tag teamed by (as memory serves)the Director of Training, the Chief Pilot, and the H.R. Director. The Dir. of Training loved it but but the Chief Pilot was weary of it. The HR Director didn't know what a logbook was. I did not get the job but the logbook looked very professional.(I don't think it was the logbook that didn't get me hired.)

My personal feeling on the matter is, I don't want to work for a company that is stuck in the dark ages of paper and won't except LBP for an interview.
I have been through several interviews now and have only used the Jeppesen Paper logs. IMO there are many old school guys in management and they prefer to see the traditional logs. I wouldn't risk an interview by trying to be cutting edge. If you really want to use the LBP printouts I would have my traditional logs nearby if any questions were to come up.

I mainly use LBP to fill out applications with all the unusual totals that some companies want. I also keep more details in LBP than I do in my paper log.
I was thinking about just putting my monthly totals in my old paper logs since I am only flying one type of airplane and the company keeps up with the details anyways.