Feature Request Sick time tracking


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APDL Beta Team
Oct 30, 2007
I just called in sick. I wondered how this affects my sick time. No way without going to my last pay stub and dong math.

Seems like it would be an easy thing to put into payroll, especially giving there is already a payroll category for it.

1.I would request a place under the airline to input your current sick balance with a date so, it could be changed at a later date to carry forward. This would allow for looking at it two years later and it be reconciled due to varying contract rules on pay, given not everyone is paid on strait block.

2.A way to put sick time accrual rates i.e., 2.5 hpm or 250 hpy, etc

3. Place under payroll to see the data.
I think this is a good idea but there are lots of ways this would need to be done. Air Wisconsin only deducts block time from sick time, not credit. Delta uses credit but no accrual necessary, just a predetermined amount you get each year based on longevity.
And Republic’s vacation and sick time are from the same bank.

Atlas has separate banks and both are monthly accruals.
jetBlue is similar with only having a PTO bank to deduct from and the rate of accrual is based on longevity. Also how much is deducted can vary, especially if you pick something up that touches the previous sick/dropped trip even by 1 minute. this could be difficult to implement because no two airlines are the same in this area.
Via has no bank, it’s unlimited so long as it’s not abused. No reduction in pay credit.