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single sync problems


New member
Jul 22, 2005
I have been trying to single sync my logbook info from my palm to my computer logbook pro program. I have owned both programs for years, but the single sync error I am getting is to enter a registration code. I checked and it is still showing that it is already entered. What am I missing?
Hello Ben,

Most likely you upgraded your software to version 6 but did not enter a version 6 key code to register the new version. Version 6 is free to those that purchased on or after 1 June 2003 and is available for a discounted price for those that purchased prior. We sent out an e-mail on 1 June with the complimentary key codes but it appears a lot of hotmail and aol users didn't receive it most likely due to spam nets. Please submit a support ticket with your prior proof of purchase for additional assistance.