SingleSync won't synch


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Jun 12, 2005
I have used the web-based report generator up to now since I was using a WindowsMe computer. I now have an XP computer, and I am trying to get my PDA with Airline Logbook (V6.0)to SingleSync to Logbook Pro (V1.9.8.5). No joy.

I am also flying a different type aircraft do I get Logbook Pro to recognize the new tail numbers as a different type?

In order for SingleSync to work you must ensure you are using APDL Palm or Pocket PC version 6.0 **and** it is registered using your version 6 unlock code. To ensure you are using version 6, view the Options...About dialog. To enter your version 6 APDL key code, view Options...Enter Key Code. If it is registered, it will prompt as such, otherwise it will offer the option to enter the NAME and KEY CODE assigned. SingleSync must be configured so it knows to sync to Logbook Pro (checkbox at the top of page 3 per the documentation) and your Logbook Pro data file is selected in the option below the checkbox. You can set the default A/C Type for SingleSync to use.

Please ensure you have version 6 installed and refer to the version 6 documentation included with the installation. If you continue to have a problem with SingleSync after the above information, let me know via a support ticket and include the conduit.txt and apdl_synclog.txt in a zip file attached to your support ticket.