SkyWest aircraft numbers


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Jan 7, 2008
Not sure I am asking in the right place but does anyone have a list of the SkyWest tail numbers, for the RJ's, and if so is there a way to import them en masse so I don't have to do it the hard way?

I am not a Skywest pilot but most companies have the list of aircraft in one your issued manuals, ops spec is ringing a bell for some reason.

There is no easy way to import them you will have to enter them by hand into the PDA.
Here is what I did for ASA and we have the same web based system as you do so I assume it should be easy to get.

I just went to logged in. went under the operations link and then selected the flow board or maintenance status, stuff like that. Cracked open a cold one and started entering them by hand. Then after about two hours or so I was done. Then I went and entered in the destinations as well under the Station tab. That killed another two hours.

Its a good productive way to kill time while you are on reserve. Good Luck!
tail numbers

Just go to the flight status inquiry page. You can search by tail number so the whole list is there. Just select CRJ or CRJ7. Hope this helps
You can open the airport and aircraft xml files in notepad and with lots of copying and pasting, manually change the data in each field and add airports and aircraft.
Easier than doing on the device.