So, when........


Nov 4, 2002
.......are we going to be seeing the Pocket PC PDA enabled version?? I understand it is in beta. But, the beta is a couple of weeks old now (at least) and I was wondering if NC Software has got a date in mind based on the feedback the beta testers have submitted.

Are there bugs still being worked on? Are they big ones or small ones? Have you found a 'show stopper'?

The promise of a PDA enabled version is the single feature that sold me on the product. Would kinda like to know if it is close.

Just wondering........Thanks,


The problem is with the software used to create the Pocket PC Companion and it is with the manufacturer now. They have fixed it. As soon as I get the update from them, I'll release the next and hopefully final release candidate and release the PPC Companion. I do not have a date at this time.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.

It has been a couple of weeks since I had originally posted this. Any word on the PDA release?? I won't hold you to any particular date, but are we talking weeks or months??



I will be honest, I absolutely do NOT know!!! It's frustrating me as much as you. It's out of my hands. The application is code complete, the problem is with AppForge and not Logbook Pro. Until they fix their issue, I cannot release! I did get an update from them today to test, however, they have restricted me from releasing it to anyone else. Until they provide their release that I can make available to the beta team and subsequently to the public, my hands are tied. Trust me, I have the heat on them, hopefully they will finish the update so we can move forward.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.
Relax man........../forums/emoticons/biggrin.gif

I know how it is. By day I am a corporate pee-on, by night I am a beta tester and pilot. No pressure on you or your company if it is truely out of your hands.

But, something I have learned in my limited time as a tester is, 'If you don't ask, they won't tell you'. So I am asking. Regardless of if or when, I have already purchased the software and am happy with the functionality.

I will ask every 2 weeks. I will not get nasty about it, just ask the question 'When?'. All I expect in reply is:

'Not soon',
'We don't know because AppForge has 'Microsoft-like' business practices',


'When we damn well feel like it so shut the hell up before we bitch-slap ya'.

{I don't recoomend the last one, although I have heard it before just prior to the venture capitalist pulling out of the project}

Hey, have a good weekend and we'll talk in 2 weeks,



Not a problem, but please don't ask every two weeks, I'll have to brew you a special version of Logbook Pro to handle you! /forums/emoticons/smile.gif

I will post news as soon as I have it, I promise! Both here and to the Logbook Pro mailing list! I believe in going to the customer, not having the customer having to come to me, so I'll keep you all informed! That's the way I want to be treated with my software! I hate having to make many Internet stops checking for updates, etc., I believe in automation and using your computer, not fighting to keep it updated and functioning/repairing all the time!

Great weekend and happy flying to you!

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.