LB Pro crashing


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Jun 16, 2010
My beta version keeps crashing on startup if I've used other apps after lbp. I've mentioned this before and wondering if there is any progress on a solution? Android also recommends that I uninstall it because of how many errors it causes. Does anyone else have this problem. I'm not sure how to reproduce it, but it happens all the time. If I clear the app then start it, it seems to work fine.
Hello Matt,

We've had no other reports as such. Is your device rooted or as is from when you purchased it? Can you tell from the apps area if it's installed in main memory or on an external SD card? If you put the device in airplane mode does it make any difference or still crash? If you can try to get in to the app then go to Contact Us and submit a problem report so I can review your logs.
I'm not rooted on this phone. No SD card either. I'll try reinstalling it again when I get home and sync it. Airplane mode might have something to do with it. It seems to happen when I use it in between flights. I'll send another crash report next time it happens.
When I was looking into coding my own app a while ago I remember reading about some code that would keep the app alive in the background. Could this be causing problems?
No, there is no background coding coded up until this point. The next build will introduce a new feature "Sync Automatically" that WILL add this so that sync fires approximately every 10 minutes even while not using the app so it's always up to date. Optioned on/off in Settings > Sync as desired.
Will there be a way to set the time intervals? Also, the ability to only sync auto on wifi?
Will there be a way to set the time intervals? Also, the ability to only sync auto on wifi?

No, it's currently set to 10 minutes (APDL is 5) - Logbook Pro iOS does not have this, only Android, both APDL and Logbook Pro sync packages are negligible in size and will not affect your data, it is nothing to worry about.
Actually not worried about data. I have unlimited. I read somewhere that battery usage is affected by apps that are constantly syncing. I usually sync my logbook 3-4 times per day, sometimes only once.

I see there is a on/off. I can see value in syncing every few hours, just for me not every 10 minutes.
But if sync happens while the app is active, why the need for sync while the app is inactive? No additional data has been entered. If it's possible, sync on exit, or within 2 minutes of inactivity would grab any final data that was entered. After that, there wouldn't be a need to sync, right - thus saving battery.
You forget that "stuff" comes from the PC so by allowing background "auto" sync the app will wake up for your use up to date. Battery impact will be minimal/negligible, processing is instant and minimal, the Android OS handles this, and besides, what Android device is not tethered to some charger somewhere ALL THE TIME?
I also have noticed that the app will open, crash, then open again just fine on my Samsung S7 Edge, while in airplane mode. I will make sure to send the report next time if I can while in airplane mode.
I just did a quick try at my house in airplane mode and got a could not sync message instead of a app crash. Seems to be working good now! I'll try it during a flight next time I'm up.