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Sep 8, 2008

This is just a suggestion with regards to future updates.

Currently if I create a separate or custom "time" column I am restricted from entering a time which is longer than the "duration" of the flight.

This however is an important feature for me and possibly for other users as we are only allowed to "LOG" our seat time, so when operating a sector as relief or relief commander then the time logged is maybe 6 hours but the block time would be 13 or so. The block time comes into play for our time with regards to legalities while the seat time counts towards our log book time. The two are different but are important. If I enter the block time as a duration then my "total time" column would be incorrect.

Hope this makes sense, basically I am trying to record seat time or credit time for the actual "logbook" and at the same time record duty time (basically). If the "total time" is incorrect then when I print a summary for whatever reason then the times will be miss-represented.

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Try clearing the checkbox next to FAR Error Checking in the Options...Flight Log area. You may also want to clear the bottom checkbox to disable the auto-purge system if you are not entering Logbook Pro's minimum required columns of: Date, Type, Ident, Route, and Duration.
Thanks for the reply Neal... works just fine now. I turned off the FAR Error Checking.