Summary Bar Incorrect


Oct 11, 2003
The summary bar in my pocket pc version is incorrect. It shows one entry called Hours which has old data as well as another entry called flights with the correct data as shown in my windows version. How can I resolve this? I've tried uninstalling the PPC and reinstalling with no effect. Other than this PPC seems to be working. It just has old information that seems to be stuck.


The Pocket PC should 'mirror' the PC side as it doesn't do its own calculations, they are simply 'copied' down to the PDA. I suggest going into the PC side, open/close Logbook Pro PC, then redo a ActiveSync and see if the data is updated. If not, please tell me what the values are from the PC (if you want, run a report, export to PDF and attach to a reply here) and what the values of your PDA reflect. I have a feeling the PC and PDA are just 'out of sync' at the moment and a resync (ActiveSync) will sync the data.


Have a look below, they say a picture is worth a thousand words so maybe this will help. The entries hilighted in yellow are correct and they do update when I sync. The items in red are old entries that I previouslytracked but have since removed from the Logbook Pro summary bar. They still remain on the PPC but not in logbook pro and they also no longer get updated. Again the yellow ones are correct and do update properly every time a sync is done.



I reviewed your data file and it only has the five entries in the database, so I'm not sure where your red shaded numbers are coming from. I suggest a few possible options:

1) Start Logbook Pro, open the Options area, close the Options area, close Logbook Pro, resync with ActiveSync


2) Uninstall and Reinstall the PDA side of Logbook Pro, it's not sync'ing properly

It doesn't appear to be a problem with Logbook Pro. It seems to be within ActiveSync's synchronization on your configuration or your PDA. It should be easily resolved with the above procedures.

That is really strange that the database I sent would only have 5 entries. My database has 144 entries in it. I will try your suggestions and let you know.
The database part I'm talking about is the one specific to the Summary Bar, not your flight log. Notice your screen shot above has FIVE categories of information, that is exactly what I see in your database, five records to send down to the PDA.

Is your PDA showing your 10 rows of data or 5?

I've followed your instructions and uninstalled PPC. As soon as I reinstall, it picks up all 9 entries (the 5 real ones that do exist in Logbook Pro as well as the 4 phantom ones that only exist on the PPC). Is there a registry entry or something that isn't deleted on the Pocket PC when you uninstall, because my guess is that it isn't doing a clean uninstall?
Delete the Logbook.cdb file from \Program Files\Logbook Pro on your PDA (it may just show as 'Logbook') i.e. with no suffix/extension visible.

Redo the Import Database steps to get the database sent to the PDA again. Those additional rows are NOT in your PC data file, so for some reason it's an issue on the PDA data file which should be easily corrected by recreating it. Make sure though if you have any logbook entries on the PDA you write them down or sync them to the PC first as they will be lost once you delete the 'Logbook' file.

Yes!!! That's got it. I'm suprised that this wasn't deleted when you uninstall the software. Oh well, it works now. Thanks Neal.