• Apple released iOS 16 today (Sept 12). As of this writing initial testing reveals no issues with APDL or Logbook Pro.

Not synching properly ?


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Dec 22, 2015

Hi everyone,

So I did the cloud synch from logbook pro desktop version so that my data can show up on the mobile version. As it appears everything in the " Data Entry " such as certificates, ratings, history, flights does not show up, however. My information in the reports section such as currency, lookback, summary bar, and aircraft stats all appear to show accordingly. Only the data entry is not indicating as it should. Do I have to manually enter my data again such as all of my flights ?

Andy Adams

Support Engineer
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Apr 23, 2008
Wilson, NC
This is by design. There is nothing wrong with your sync.

The Logbook Pro mobile app is intended for one way sync only, from mobile TO desktop. Not the other way around. All the data is kept and analyzed on the desktop (and any desktop backups) where storage space and processing power are plentiful. Keeping an entire logbook worth of data on your mobile device would slow the app's performance and clog up your device memory.

Limited totals and summary data is the only thing synced back to the mobile app, as you discovered.