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SWA APDL import from Mootro/CWA


Jan 1, 2007

I am unable to get the APDL importer to bring in the SWA schedule
in the correct timezone. My Logbook Pro log is in UTC. The SWA
schedule is published in "Herb time" Central timezone which is the
same as my HOU Domicile time.

In preferences I have:

Dom Time Zone set to UTC-6 adjust for DST checked
Logbook Time Zone set to UTC adjust for DST unchecked
Import Schedules in? set to Base

now I have tried several permutations and cannot the the data
to import correctly. I can get the trips to import to my palm
in Central time which is fine but when I uplink to my Log the timezone
stays in central.

Help please,
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The Logbook Pro Sync wizard needs an import tool to change
the timezone from APDL time to Logbook Pro time.