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sync data pc-pc


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Jun 11, 2003
Longs, SC
I hope I'm just missing something here. I just upgraded to the pro edition of lbp and installed it on a tablet. I've been logging on my desktop system for years using the standard edition. The 2 systems are network attached when I'm home. If I'm reading the instructions correctly it looks like I need to go through numerous steps to get the data sync'd. Create a clone-export to tablet-import and activate- export- import and don't activate-sych. Please say it ain't so! Isn't there a way to create the clone, activate it on the tablet, and sync it using that established relationship with one click of the sync option across the network?

It looks like I can take the other option of creating a backup and restoring it to pick up any updates. The only downside seems to be that it's a complete replacement and it won't merge updates.
Hello Rich,

You can use the full PC-to-PC sync capabilities if you wish, as outlined in the documentation. Here is an overview:

1) Make sure both PC's have the same version and are at the Professional Edition license level
2) Create a clone using the Sync Wizard from the master computer. Do not "export the clone" just copy the _clone.lbk file generated to your tablet

Use both logbooks, then you can connect via the network and sync the clone data back to the master using the Sync Wizard (it's actually a two-way sync, they'll both get the updates). Give it a try and get comfortable with how it works before getting too deep into log entries.
Thanks Neal,
That worked fine. Is there any way to get the location of the clone to be retained in the sync wizard. I'll be using the same clone each time.