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Nov 18, 2005
It seems that others are having very similar problems as I am with "APDL-PPC
system.FormatException:FormatException", APDL-PPC
save logpage error: System.IO.IOException:IOException messages.


I read that when some people sync to the new LPB, some of their days end up missing. This is happening to me also. Are we to ignore the built in sycn in LBP and go back to using the single sync again?

The reason that I am posting in the forum is that my open ticket (IZC-198292) is only replied to late at night now after I've already retired for the night. I can't seem to get any response from APDL support during the day when I can actually sit down and work with you to solve the problems.

Please help as this problem has been ongoing for since May 9

The one other case of this exception was caused by a bad schedule import. The user uninstalled then reinstalled and it cleared his issue. If this is related to a schedule import, please submit a support ticket and include the schedule data (and which airline/filter was used) so we can try to repro the issue.

We are aware of the bug in the PDA Wizard and expect an update to enter testing this evening for a Thursday release if all tests well. If you'd like to try the new version, submit a support ticket and we'll provide you with the download link when it becomes available, which we are hoping this evening if all goes well with internal testing.