T-Mobile HTC Wing


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Mar 7, 2008
I bought a new T-Mobile HTC Wing with Win Mobile 6 Pro and touch-screen support. LB PPC says it is not compatible with this device everytime I try to install it. Is there a setting on the PDA I'm missing?

If the device allows interaction with the screen via a stylus then it is compatible. Otherwise you have a version of Windows Mobile called "SmartPhone Edition" that is not supported. Our PDA products require interaction with the screen via a style.
Your device should work fine, I checked the T-Mobile web site. Try downloading and installing this file to your PC while your device is cradled and connected via ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center (Vista).
I've been trying that file. Still same result..."LogBookProPPCwCF2 is not a valid Pocket PC application".

Done everything I can think of, searched the archives..only found one msg similar to my situation, but he is running Vista, I'm running XP SP2. My ActiveSync is ver. 4.5.

Logbook Pro for PC works fine on my desktop PC. I understand the sync issue with the eval license. But I'd like to try the PPC version to see if it'll work for me.

Any help appreciated,

Confirm you are downloading this file to your "PC" (not your Pocket PC) and installing on your "PC" (not your Pocket PC)? It actually installs on your PC and then it will automatically send the files to your Pocket PC while cradled and connected to your PC.
Disregard. I'm apparently too stupid to read your instructions correctly. It installed and is working now.

"God is in the details..."

Thanks for your help.