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Feedback LBP mobile


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Feb 4, 2007
Message in tapatalk says I don't have permission to post on that forum, so I will post here.

My question is: how do I get the new duration autocalc feature to work in It seems I still have to hit the calculator to get it to figure out how long a flight was. Even with using off and on times. What did you mean by "focus" in the release notes?

I'm not sure if I still have beta access. Is this the latest. TestFlight has said "unavailable" next to LBP mobile for about a month.
The beta forum is locked as we're not in any Logbook Pro Mobile beta right now so here is correct. Tap the calc button to trigger auto-night, we're working on other triggers but it was causing an issue, we'll keep working on improving it. Focus means when the Duration field gets the input such as tapping in it.
I was under the impression it wasn't just nite, but the actual duration of the flight would be automatically calculated once the times were entered.
Yes, when OOOI is entered and you tap the Calc button right of Duration the Duration will get entered and then auto night is triggered. Is that not working for you? A new build is in final preps so I'll test this.
Yes the nite is working. I was under the impression based on the release notes that it would automatically calculate total duration after entering times. It is very strange that there is an extra step required to get the times to calc. The problem is, you can enter the OOOI times, and they all appear, and you sync to LBP, but now the wrong durations are entered in the logbook because you may have forgotten to hit the calculate button to update the scheduled (imported) time to actual time. This is a big gotcha. A major design flaw. Is there any mechanism in place to detect if the OOOI times do not match the duration? I've never seen a logbook that does not automatically calculate duration. The problem is the entry user interface. After you enter the time, if you wait a couple of seconds, or tap somewhere else on the screen, the the entered time is "accepted" but doesn't actually update the duration. Would it have been better to have an "enter" button to hit that would both accept and calculate? Why is it possible to sync a flight duration that doesn't match the entered OOOI times? This has resulted in logbook errors that are very difficult to detect after the fact without going through each flight and pushing the calc button. To do this you have to re scroll through the entire list after checking each flight. That could be hundreds of flights.
The app won't let you save unless you have a duration entered - no major design flaw. We are working to improve the process such as updating or recalcing Duration when OOOI changes. Thank you for the feedback.
Yes, but the WRONG duration is entered, and the app lets it get synced to the logbook. Not sure if you are understanding me. The scheduled duration was imported with my monthly schedule of pending trips. When I put the actual OOOI times in, if I forget to press the calculate button, the WRONG duration in synced. There is no clearly visible way to detect this, so, IMO, this is a major flaw.
The release notes gave the impression that this was fixed with a new time entry method.