Tab through OUT and IN times


Feb 18, 2007
One problem I had with entering years of data in the windows format was that I could almost tab through every block. When it came to entering my out, off, on and in times, I always had to click to get the pop up window to enter my flight times. I think it might be easier to have the option of being able to enter the flight times with the tab feature only and typing in the times directly, with the option of getting the pop up window if you needed it.

Secondly, I would like to see the addition of a "visual" approach selection in the types of approaches.

Also I would like to see the addition of a "DAY" time block so that "DAY" and "Night" blocks would always add to the total aircraft flight time for that particular flight. For example, if the total time for a flight was 2.4 and I entered 1.0 in the Night block, the day block would automatically show 1.4.

Any ideas are welcomed.