• Apple released iOS 16 today (Sept 12). As of this writing initial testing reveals no issues with APDL or Logbook Pro.

TAFB on Long Layovers


Feb 26, 2008
I am trying to get APDL to correctly calculate TAFB on extended/long (24+ hrs) layovers. Take the following trip as an example

Day 1 5140 CVG 1940 EWR 2137
Day 2 Layover
Day 3 5141 EWR 600 CVG 803

APDL correctly calculates TAFB for Day 1 and Day 3. But with no flights entered on Day 2 TAFB is calculated at 0000. The only way I have been able to get APDL to calculate TAFB at 2400 is to create a "fake" flight. I simply entered a flight from EWR to EWR with no flight times. Is this an acceptable way to get the proper TAFB or to you have another more appropriate suggestion.

Thanks so much!