time field data entry


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Oct 3, 2002
It would be easier if I could make an entry in the time field simply by tabbing and making a numerical entry with the keyboard rather than having to use the mouse. Is this possible?
Thanks Neal, but no, it doesn't seem to work. one can tab to the field, but then must use the mouse (possibly in combination with the keyboard) to make the time entry. it would be nice to be able to tab, then simply keystroke the time entry. Am I doing something wrong?
I think you may be referring specifically to takeoff/landing or out/in times, I thought you were talking about Duration type of times. Tab to the Takeoff field, press spacebar (or <enter>) which will bring up the time entry dialog.
That does it. The product's so good I knew it must be possible. Thanks very much and happy new year.
I tried the same technique with the approach field. I can open the box, enter the type of approach using ALT + , but then can't close it again with keystrokes to make the logbook entry. I've tried enter, ctrl enter, etc. but no joy.