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Feedback Touch ID


APDL Beta Team
Oct 30, 2007
So, I set it to 3 min. Works great.

If I completely shut down the app and go back in within three minutes I doesn't require the fingerprint. Is this correct?

I don't personally understand why it needs protection, but if it does I would think upon closing the app, security would be required to get back in.

Neal Culiner

Founder, President
Staff member
Nov 14, 2001
Thanks for the testing/feedback, it's working as designed. Whether the app is closed or suspended doesn't matter, it knows the last time you authenticated and will honor the 3 minutes as you set, i.e. start or resume in this period will not require a re-auth. As to why? It may be needed by some and not others. The reasoning is to protect your logbook data from tampering such as a pilot/parent letting their kid play with their phone such as to play games, next you find out they tapped Logbook Pro (or APDL) and it's open and now your schedule is changed, your flight log history is changed, etc. etc. Maybe you hand your phone to your friend to look at something else, they get into Logbook Pro - again, it's about protecting the precision and history of your logbook as well as not making you miss showing up for a flight whether a Cessna rental or an airline flight. We provide the options, you decide if you want to use them, flexibility is the name of the game.