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Transferring Data

Timothy Rowe

New member
Dec 2, 2004
I have an old version of Aerolog which uses .DBF files. Can this format be exported to Excel? I do not understand how to do this.

Also, If I am unable to export these files, can I add my total times to Log Pro? How would I go about doing this?

Thank you,
Tim Rowe

Neal Culiner

Founder, President
Staff member
Nov 14, 2001
Hi Tim,

You should be able to open a DBF in Excel. If you can get your data in a layout similar to the Spreadsheet Style layout you can then save it as a TAB delimited text file and then use the Import Wizard. Five columns are required for an import: Date, Type, Ident, Route, and Duration (or Flt Sim). If you cannot get this to work, ZIP compress your data file (www.winzip.com) and e-mail support@nc-software.com your ZIP file for review.

As for doing a mass transfer, please review this article for more information on this topic. It's essentially the same as transferring from a paper logbook.