Treo 700wx issues


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Apr 15, 2007
I need some basic help, because I'm not even getting to first base with this software or hardware.

I'm brand new to the Treo 700wx.

First, I downloaded :

APDLPocketPCSetup (which seems to work, however I haven't played with it)



Do I need both programs? Shouldn't one or both of these also work on my PC?

Even with the above file, I get an error message on the Treo that says that I need .NET Compact Framework (I read in this forum that the latter file had the .NET stuff integrated into it).

Also, I get an error message that I need a "wireless sync password", even though I've hard wired the Treo to my PC. I have no idea what that password might be (it looks like this may have something to do with email).

I'm new to the Treo and these programs. Do I need both, or is one integrated into the other?

Finally, I'd love to have somebody call and spend a few minutes just getting me to first base.

Tony Williams
Hello Tony,

If you're an airline pilot, APDL is all you need, unless you fly general aviation, then you may also want the Logbook Pro Pocket PC Companion. APDL is strictly FAR 121 (airline) use and the other is for general aviation use.

The wireless password issue is not related to Logbook Pro, that is something with your configuration either on the Treo or ActiveSync, etc. Again, it's not anything coming from our software.

APDL does not need the .NET Compact Framework on the Pocke PC, it's already preloaded on the Treo, however, Logbook Pro Pocket PC Companion does use a later version. If you want to use Logbook Pro Pocket PC Companion, you need .NET Framework 1.1 (not Compact Framework) installed on your PC which is available from Microsoft and/or Windows Update.

The first step is to simplify this scenario, which software do you want to use? If APDL, then uninstall Logbook Pro Pocket PC Companion and go from there.
Well, I fly airline and general aviation also. So, I'm guessing that logbook Pro will meet all my needs? Or would I be better off no logging the GA stuff (or continueing with my paper logs), and use APDL?

Will my schedule from my company (listed as approved in your web site) download to either program?
Tony, On your computer I would suggest Logbook Pro Professional for your PC. This will take care of all your flying 121, 91, and 135.

The schedule importer is only for use with APDL.

APDL is specifically written for 121 pilots and the Logbook Pro Companion is specifically for General Aviation.

How much GA flying are you doing and what type of GA flying is it (e.g. pleasure, Flight Instruction, part 135 charters, etc)?
How much GA flying are you doing and what type of GA flying is it (e.g. pleasure, Flight Instruction, part 135 charters, etc)?

about 95% part 121, 5% GA. All pleasure.

Can I print a "logbook" from the APDL and not use any other program (and also not log GA flying)?

I'm mostly concerning with tracking my regulartory times, alerting to medical, recurrent, etc.


Hello Tony,

APDL is a stand-alone PDA logbook strictly for FAR 121 flying. Please see our web site for more information. Printing is limited using the web based features on the APDL portal, for full printing capability you'll want to sync your data to Logbook Pro then use Logbook Pro on your PC to print your log data.