Trip #, Flight #, Crew not appending in remarks section.


Oct 11, 2005
In the LBP Android App under settings>Schedule Importer>Field Map I have "Crew", "Trip Number" and "Flight Number" selected to "Append in Remarks". However when I sync it to the cloud the "Remarks" column is empty on the site and on my PC's LBP app.

How do I get my Trip #, Flight # and Crew to sync?
Hi Todd,

After you have imported information from the schedule importer to your device check the REMARKS field on the device itself. Does it have your mapped information? If so, sync that flight and check the cloud sync portal, if the flight is still marked pending make sure too you're syncing pending as set in Settings/Synchronization.
I'm not using the schedule importer just manually inputting the data. I would like the information I input synced into the remarks section of LBP like APDL would do.
The Settings/Schedule Importer features you alluded to in your original post are used only when importing schedules. As noted in the documentation the "Internal Fields" are used by the app only and are not synced. What you need to do is in Logbook Pro PC edition create your custom TEXT fields in Options/Custom (TEXT) and then sync your PC and then sync your app. You'll see your custom text fields appear which you can use as needed and that info will sync to Logbook Pro PC edition. Please consult the documentation for more information.