Resolved Trouble exporting trips from Dates selection


Jul 21, 2014
Hey Guys

So something weird is going on with when it comes time to export data in a certain date range. So here is what I tried to do today.

Picture 1.png

For example, I would select 11/29 through 11/30, but I only would get 11/30 flights, not 11/29 flights

Picture 2.PNG

But when I select 11/28 through 11/30,

Picture 3.JPG

I would then get one of my flights from 11/28 (I did four legs this day), then both of my 11/29 legs and I would all of my 11/30 legs. What's going on here that I am not understanding. In UTC time, if I select 11/29 and 11/30, shouldn't I get all of my legs that occurred starting from 00:00 on 11/29 through 23:59 on 11/30? What is the system logic? I didn't have this problem earlier this month.

Picture 4.JPG
I took a look at your data and did a custom export for the dates you mentioned and I get the following returned. If this is missing something please provide screenshots of the LEGS from APDL.


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I've tried it, and still have the same issue. Its bad to a point where I would have to select a range of days in order to just load a single day....