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Trying to open a restored backup file


New member
Jan 26, 2005
I have submitted a couple of support requests concering using a backup file.

In the last response you told me make sure the back up file is on the hard drive.

It is. The is in My Documents on my hard drive.

Here is what I'm doing and what happens.

I open Logbookpro.

I get a dialog box with three choices
Create new data file
Open existing file
Restore a backup

I select Restore a backup

I get a dialog box with the .bak file in it.

I select the .bak file

I get a dialog box asking where to save.

I select My Documents.

I select Restore

I get a dialog box saying back up has been restored

I select OK

I get a large dialog box that tells me Your software requires a update.
( I am running

I select Run Update

I get a dialog box labeled Last chance. It talks about synchronizing clones
and says select yes to continue

I select yes

I get a dialog box labeled PDA companion warning

I select OK

At this point Logbookpro SHUTS DOWN COMPLETELY.

I have been stuck in this loop for over a month.
Please let me know whats going on.
I have added the .bak file as an attachment.
I also have the data in Acess form but the file is 5,212 kb which exceeds your max.
Hi Duane,

I removed your attachment after I downloaded it for your security. It appears to be a very old file and is not upgrading, but I have access to the raw data and will port it to a new 1.9.8 data file. Please e-mail support@nc-software.com so I can reply with the new data file. If you have any other backups, please attach them to your e-mail as well. I should have your new data file ready tomorrow if not earlier.