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Dec 11, 2002

After a little bit of advice/opinion from other users of Logbook Pro really.

I've decided its time I finally got round to putting my logbook onto electronic format (also means I get some sort of backup!!) and was just hoping to hear from some users of Logbook Pro based in the UK.

How easy is it to configure the program to tie in with JAA/CAA regulations, I presume anything thats not covered by the program you can set up custom fields for. How easy have people found it to set these up?

Are Logbook Pro printouts, logbooks etc accepted by the CAA/JAA? (I know for example that Skylog Pro ones are).

Finally, I know version 2 is expected to have time configurable for Hours.Tenths or Hours:Minutes, will it be easily switchable or is it going to be a case of choose one and that it? (strange question I know!) Also any idea how much the upgrade fee is likely to be?

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Well maybe not quite the answer you are looking for.

Anyway, my printout of the logbook with every page signed (jeppesen style) was accepted by the dutch authorities to convert my license to a JAA/ATPL.

Setup for fields into JAR/OPS requirements is not a big deal.

(Only minutes requirement may be a problem)

For currencies, the JAA 3 months prior is not incorp.

Maybe plans to implement?

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Currencies are totally customizable, can this be added? The ones that come with Logbook Pro are basic and just a sample. Pretty much any currency can be created in the currency editor. Let me know if you need something it can't do in the Logbook Pro Wish List forum as we are working on version 2 now!

Happy New Year!

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