unable to sync


Feb 7, 2004
I have a Toshiba e355 Pocket PC and I have not figured out how to sync with my PC. They PDA has been registered with the PDA licence key code. I have followed the instruction exactly on how to install the software onto the Pocket PC. I have the lastest version of ActiveSync 3.7.1 Logbook Pro 1.9.5 and Logbook Pro 1.4. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software each time I downloaded a new version. I have unistall Logbook Pro from the Pocket PC, soft reset my PDA, then reinstalled the software.

I am at my witts end.
Any ideas??
Have you entered your PDA registration code on the PC side (under the PDA Companions\Pocket PC Companion menu)?

On your PDA, when you go to the Logbook area, do you see a list of Aircraft? Or if you go to History, do you get a list of History Events in the drop down? If so, ActiveSync is working.

If you are expecting to see your complete logbook on the PDA, you won't as the PDA Companion is designed as an add-only device where you add flights to the PDA while away, then sync them to the PC upon return.

The merge queue will not appear on the PC regardless of sync'ing until the PDA license code has been entered. Also make sure your database drivers are up to date on the PC, which you can do by reading the "sticky" post at the top of this forum. Also take a look at this thread for discussion on solutions:


I believe I have registrated properly because during the start up of the software my name appears.

On my PDA in the Logbook area, the only time I can see my list of aircraft is when I select Type. Then there is list of aircraft that I have flowen.

I go to History, and there is nothing in the list of History Events.

I do understand that I will not see a complete logbook on the PDA. My problem is that I am unable to import data to my PC from my PDA.
Then it sounds like it is registered. Now you just have to overcome what may be some ActiveSync issues. I recommend uninstalling ActiveSync, uninstalling the Pocket PC Companion, and following some of the steps as listed in the other thread I recommended reading above.

I uninstalled ActiveSync and Pocket Pc Logbook Pro. I then reinstalled ActiveSync and Pocket Pc Companion using the steps listed in the thred above. When I did that the computer gave me the following error:

'Conversion failed: The process cannot access the file because it is being used by anther process.
An error occurred when converting Microsoft Acces database to a Pocket Acces database.'

After following the thread above and 3 weeks of frustration I believe I have got it to work. The only differance is when I uninstalled (deleted) Logbook Pro under File Explore\Program Files the file would come back in Program Files when I reinstalled it.

Also when I Hard Reset my PPC, I of course lost the Booster program. There is no mention of downloading Booster in the thread.

The synced enteries from my PPC do not apper on my PC until I close out Logbook Pro and then reopen Logbook Pro. Is that suppose to happen that way?

Thank you for your help.


Booster is included with the installation in version 1.9.5. It does not require a separate download/install. As for new entries, you need to select the Merge Queue option under the PDA Companions\Pocket PC Companion to accept your data awaiting merge. The merge queue checks on startup and if there is data waiting, it will prompt you at that time as well.


There is no Merge Queue under PDA Companion\Pocket PC. All there is listed, is Import PPC Data and Delete All Items from Merge Cue.

Any other ideas?


Again thanks for your help. The last 3 weeks has been an education about the dynamics of the PPC. Sometimes I question if technology is suppose to help us.

My pleasure! Yes, I know, the Pocket PC is a challenge. I know people don't believe me when I say 'it's not Logbook Pro' but that goes with the program. The Palm line is just more mature and obviously a lot more attention devoted to the architecture. Microsoft naturally has its hands in a lot of other things and ActiveSync probably isn't at the top of the priority list, but it works. But, with that said, it's also an education on the users part, realizing clicking the 'x' at the top right of the PPC windows does not 'close' the screen, it simply turns it back to the Pocket PC OS to handle. If there is memory available, Pocket PC will keep the application open so it loads quicker for the next use. This is why I put in the Exit call from the File menu on the switchboard screen to ensure the application is closed completely.