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Unable to update Pocket PC APDL ver 6.0.2 to ver 6.0.3


Jun 26, 2005
During Update install I got a message saying "unable to uninstall old version, do you want to continue" Is this how the install is supposed to work? So I elected not to remove old version because I thought the automatic process was supposed to do this. After everything finished, the version of Pocket PC still said vers 6.0.2.
I tried the install/upgrade again. Now I get the options, Modify, repair, and remove. What am I supposed to do to get updated to version 6.0.3??
Doug Bryson
I tried what you wrote in the above paragraph, but I got the same error message again. I am unable to install/upgrade my Pocket PC APDL to the latest version.
Uninstall APDL from your PC using Windows Control Panel Add/Remove programs. After that, go into ActiveSync and go to the Tools...Add/Remove programs and remove APDL from the PPC (your data is unaffected). Install APDL 6.0.3 to your PC again which will send it to the PPC. See if it shows 6.0.3 now.
So I remove APDL from my PC and PPC! How will my data be restored to my PPC! In the Microsoft ActiveSync what option do I want---If there is a conflict replace items on Destop or replace items on handheld. Or does this matter. I just want to make sure I am doing this correctly before deleting anything off my PC of PPC!!!
Uninstalling/Reinstalling has nothing to do with your data, we save that in an isolated location on the device (/My Documents/APDL) which is separate from the program location (/Program Files/APDL) so your data remains intact regardless.