Updated and now LBPro will not open


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Apr 10, 2005
I recently updated to the new software and followed the instructions to delete my old LBPro. When I open the new version it will load and show a warning box


If I click any of the buttons other than "Backup my Logbook" LogbookPro closes and nothing happens. Any ideas?
I am having the exact same issue. I'm running Vista. Is there a fix for this issue yet?

Thank you
Move your data file which ends in .LBK into the /Documents/My Logbook Pro Files/v1 folder then run Logbook Pro and choose OPEN and open the data file in this new location. The alternative is to disable User Account Control (UAC) within the Windows Control Panel/User Accounts area, reboot and then retry Logbook Pro. If the problem remains please submit a support ticket for further assistance.
Having the same issue with Vista 64. Something is definitely wrong with this new release. I can get into Logbook Pro. But if I open logbook / spreadsheet....I can not click on any lines/entries at all. They are greyed out. Only way I can move around in spreadsheet view is by the arrows on the bottom of the screen, I can no longer use the scroll bar to go left/right, or up/down.
Support ticket was sent.
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