Upgrade from Logbook Pro Professional Edition v1.90

yankee clipper

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Jul 1, 2006
On 29 Dec 05 I bought Logbook Pro Professional Edition v1.90 with the Pocket PC companion and the ADPL Pocket PC Edition. Since then both my laptop and PDA had to be replaced. In the process the PDA was upgraded to the Windows Mobile 5 operating system.

I just installed Logbook Pro Professional Edition v1.90 on the laptop. No data/flights have yet been entered. With all the changes/upgrades to the Logbook Pro components that have ocurred since December, e.g. v1.10., new PDA Wizard, etc., is it not best to first upgrade to all the latest versions (with CD/DVD media), and then install only those new versions.

If you agree with me, how do I go about upgrading to the latest versions on CD/DVD media? Can I still use my current unlock codes?

Yes, only install the latest versions as shown here. You can download from that page by clicking the product titles, or you can order a Software CD-ROM for $9.95 from the NC Software Secure Online Store.
I downloaded the latest versions, as of 11 Jul 06.

Should I uninstall my old Logbook Pro v1.90, as well as the older Pocket PC Companion and ADPL Pocket PC Edition before installing my downloads from 11 July?

Also, how is the installation accomplished from downloads? Do I just double-click the appropriate file or is there something else?

You mentioned in "Jetjam"s thread "Help! I can't figure out what to install" that one should install the PC part first, any particular order of installation for the 2 PPC softwares?

yankee clipper

p.s. I trust it's OK to cross-reference other threads like I did.

Our software is designed to update older versions, so you should be able to download the latest from our web site then just double-click the file you download. This will start the installation. Prior to installing any software, it is always suggested to backup. So in Logbook Pro 1.9.9, click File..Archive..Backup. If you want, you can also uninstall Logbook Pro, download then install the new version as well, the data is never removed in an uninstall.

As for the Pocket PC Companion, we have two installations available, one without the .NET Compact Framework v2 and one with. If you are unsure, download and install the one that shows wCF2. See this thread for more details, particularly the last post.