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Upgraded, now I can't import my times

Chicken Taco

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Dec 30, 2006
I just updated LBP and APDL to the freshest versions, but now I can't get my time to import to LBP from APDL.

Running a hotsync creates no error messages, but when I open LBP and refresh the view, no flights show up. The hotsync log shows SingleSync ok. What am I missing here??


Please UNINSTALL SingleSync as it is no longer used, it has been phased out and may be causing a conflict on your system. Logbook Pro 1.10.26 has a PDA Wizard which is used instead of SingleSync. To tell Logbook Pro to "listen" to APDL synchronizations you must activate your APDL license inside Logbook Pro. On the PDA Menu, select the option to register your PDA license, then activate the 01-09 registration code. After doing this launch the PDA Wizard and go through the steps to sync your data.
Thanks for the quick response, but it seems that my registration codes are too old to work. I've been a user since 1-2004. When I entered the code it gave me an "out of range" error. My APDL code starts "idaxxxxxxxxx" and thee is also a purchase number that is "1NGxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

Thanks for any additional help that you can provide..
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