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Upgrading to new palm...


New member
Mar 20, 2006
Just got the new LifeDrive by Palm and wanted to make sure that it is supported by NC Software.

Also, what is the best way to put the software on the new Palm? I realized after doing a "fresh" install to the LifeDrive that all of my preferences and airport information was gone. It is still on the old palm, I just need to know the best way to transfer everything over.....

Thanks for ANY and ALL help....

For supported devices, please see our APDL Requirements listing. As for restoring data, you could send backed up data to the PDA by going into C:\Program Files\palmOne\{Your Palm Username}\APDL\Backup and double-click select files to send back to the PDA via Palm's Quick Install utility.
Is there a way to beam the information from the old palm to the new. When I go to the Backup folder that you are talking about, there is nothing there to send to the new palm...