USB Device Not Recognized


New member
Aug 17, 2004
After installing the AppForge Conduit program, when I tried to sync my Palm Zire 71 I got a popup message from the tray telling me "USB Device Not Recognized" and "One of the USB devices has malfunctioned and Windows does not recognize it." Now I can't do any sync functions at all.

Using XP and had no probs until after the AppForge was installed.
I am not aware of AppForge's conduit causing any issues with PC connectivity. I would suggest removing your PPC from the cradle, reboot, then place your PPC back in the cradle. Ensure you are using the latest version of ActiveSync (3.7.1) as the USB connectivity has always been an issue with PPC's prior to 3.7.1 and this is one of the main enhancements.